Glandex® is an oral supplement specifcally designed for anal gland problems in dogs. This innovative formula contains key ingredients that provide both anal gland and digestive support.



What are the indications for using Glandex®?

Glandex® is specifically designed for pets with anal gland probems including those that require frequent anal gland expressing or pets that are prone to anal gland infections and/or abscesses. You should discuss with your veterinarian if Glandex® is right for your pet.

How does Glandex® work?

Glandex® works from the inside out to help promote healthy anal gland function. Formulated with a unique fiber blend, Glandex® helps to create firm and bulky stools to allow your pet to empty their anal glands naturally every time they defecate. Glandex® also contains ingredients to soothe irritation as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract.

How do you give Glandex®?

Glandex® comes as a peanut butter soft chew treat with a taste that your pet will love! Simply give Glandex to your pet once daily using the suggested dosing guidelines on the label.

Where can I buy Glandex®?

Glandex® is only available through your local veterinary clinic.


  • Glandex 30 Soft Chews 120g packet
  • Glandex 60 Soft Chews 240g container