Canaural® contains a unique combination of three agents (Fusidic acid, framycetin and nystatin) which kill micro-organisms. This makes it effective against all of the common causes of infection and inflammation of the ear.


What it does

Canaural® fights pain and inflammation, fights bacteria and contains antibiotic with skin penetrating properties. It is stable and active in the presence of pus, highly effective against yeasts and treats ear mites.

How to Administer:

Treatment is usually given twice a day – morning and evening. Please follow directions from your veterinary surgeon on how often to apply cleaners and ear drops.
Canaural® contains antibiotics. For best results, please follow your veterinary surgeon’s advice and complete the course of treatment.
  1. Shake the Canaural® bottle before use.
  2. Gently restrain your pet to prevent it from shaking its head. If you are treating a dog with floppy ears, fold back the flap over the head. Hold the ear firmly but gently between finger and thumb.
  3. Place the nozzle of the dropper bottle in the entrance to the upper part of the affected ear canal and squeeze carefully to instil the prescribed dose as advised by your veterinary surgeon. If you use the same applicator in another ear, ensure that the applicator is cleaned thoroughly, using cotton wool or a tissue, to avoid contamination of the other ear.
  4. Once the Canaural® is in the ear, hold the ear flap between the thumb and forefinger and very gently massage the base of the ear canal to distribute the medication. You may hear a squelching noise and, if you are gentle, your pet may lean towards you.
  5. Wipe away any wax and debris brought to the top of the canal. Never use cotton buds. Once you let go of your pet, it will shake its head and may well dislodge some of the medication. Despite this, enough Canaural® will stay in the ear to treat the infection.


Canaural® can be used for long-term treatment.


  • 15ml bottle
  • 25ml bottle